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Why use Intuit PaymentNetwork?

Spending a bundle just to pay your bills? Tired of making multiple trips to the bank each week?

The makers of QuickBooks, TurboTax and Quicken bring you a great new online payment solution. Intuit PaymentNetwork puts more money in your pocket, more free time on your calendar and safeguards your financial data.

Save money and time

PaymentNetwork costs only 50 cents per payment received. Compare this to the high cost of other payment options:



Cost to pay $100

Cost to receive $100

Cost to receive $1000

50 cents per transaction
Credit Card service
start at 2.2% + $.23 per trans
Online payment service
1.9% to 2.9% plus $.30 per trans
$2.20 to $3.20
$19.30 to $29.30
Paper checks
print, mail, reconcile & deposit

You save



up to $.48

up to $1.93

up to $29.30

    Savings with a Small Business Account

  • ONLY 50 cents per payment received
  • Pay only when you get paid
  • No set-up, monthly or cancellation fee
  • No interchange fee
  • No hardware or equipment needed
  • No time spent waiting for paper checks. When you get paid, PaymentNetwork alerts you.
  • Request money from anyone that has an email address
  • All payments automatically credited to any U.S. bank of your choice
  • No need to travel to the bank and make deposits. It's automated!

    Savings for individuals making payments with a Personal Account

  • An easy way to pay your bills online
  • Save hours you used to spend writing out checks and taking them to the post office
  • Those you pay never see your private financial information
  • Go Green - no more sending paper checks. All you need is the payee's email address
  • All payments automatically debited from any U.S. bank of your choice

Protect your financial information

Millions of people trust Intuit with their tax and financial data and the company processes over 116 million transactions per year. Intuit knows how to handle your financial information and we work hard to protect it. PaymentNetwork has defined exacting security standards and protects you with:

  • Data encryption. PaymentNetwork adheres to rigorous online banking industry protection standards for all online communication, using an https connection over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) at 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Privacy. Intuit safeguards your financial information. Even your payors or payees can't see your bank account information.
  • Limited exposure. When you hand a paper check to someone it contains your Bank Routing and Account number. When you pay using PaymentNetwork, we do not share this information with the receiver.

Intuit PaymentNetwork delivers value, convenience and peace of mind. See for yourself! Sign up today.


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