This is how to replace an orifice tube in a liquid line using a MT1485.

MT1485 is a 8x8 A/C hose compression fitting

Clean the area around orifice tube dimple

Cut the tube on the right side of the dimple.

Make sure you have room on both sides of your cut to seat your compression fitting.

Remove the old orifice tube

Install compression fitting on to tube. Do not over tighten compression fitting.

You should only need to go just half turn past tight.

Install new orifice tube as far as it will go in.

You will need to cut the little plastic tabs off the side of the new orifice tube so it will fit in the the fitting.

Tighten the right side of the fitting.

From then on if the orfice tube needs replaced you can open the fitting and replace it.

That is how you do it.




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