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  • After your visual inspection, ALWAYS use your gauges to diagnose refrigerant system problems with the vehicles A/C system. Not your ears, or your nose. You can use your eyes to read the gauges.

  • The system must have the proper refrigerant charge before you start your diagnostic.

  • A bad engine fan clutch is the reason most compressors fail.

  • Finding OIL or DYE does NOT mean that there is a freon leak. A simple SOAP BUBBLE test will confirm if freon is leaking.

  • Oil is pushed thru the system by the freon. When system is under charged or has a leak it will stop the flow of oil and cause damage to the compressor.

  • 9 out of 10 compressors fail due to other problems with the vehicle.

  • A properly installed New Compressor replacement will fix half of the other A/C problems with the vehicle.


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